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[cross-project-issues-dev] Europa uploads

Hi everyone,

According to our plan [1], today is Upload Day. At 10:00am ET this morning I will disable replication to effectively "freeze" our downloads content. I will then confirm on this list, so you can then start putting your final bits in place.

We will allow for mirrors to sync the new bits until tomorrow morning at 9:00am ET. There will be several gigabytes of new files that need to be mirrored to about 50 mirror sites, and I'll be tracking the status of our mirrors throughout the day. This also gives you time to prepare your downloads pages and announcements.

If all 21 projects are ready to upload now, we can disable cluster sync a couple of hours early -- but once it's off, it has to remain off.

If I hear no news, I'll go with the 10:00am plan.




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