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RE: [cross-project-issues-dev] Layering Europa Welcome content

Thanks, this was really helpful! This was something we wanted to do on 3.2
but that was not easy.

- henrik

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Europa project leads,

This is a reminder that Eclipse User Assistance team provided an
enhancement in 3.3 to make the new features installed into the Eclipse
Platform more visible. For this to work, your corresponding features need
to contribute into Eclipse Welcome. If they do, Eclipse Welcome will reopen
upon installation restart and your contribution will be shown and
highlighted in the corresponding Welcome page.

This features was added to address the issue of the fact that new features
tend to blend into Eclipse a bit too successfully :-), as raised at this
year's Eclipsecon. By making a welcome contribution, you will get a chance
to describe what your feature is all about to users and offer links for
further reading and/or Eclipse commands that belong to your component.

It is very easy to add a Welcome contribution: PDE provides a template for
that and UA has a short document describing how to do it
 You should take advantage of this feature to improve consumability of
Europa, particularly for users who are adding new features from the Europa
update site after the initial install of the SDK.


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