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RE: [cross-project-issues-dev] Europa impressions (screenshots)

Hi All,
We use the early startup infrastructure enable users to run scripts on startup so that they can configure the workspace. This is something we use in our own scripts, so it is a useful feature. With regards to the Monkey top-level menu, we use that as a convenient place to allow people to access scripts they have run, since they may be triggered via key commands. These actions do not generally do the same things a "New" or "Import" wizard would do, so placing them there would likely be more confusing than helpful. One idea we've had is to contribute scripts to existing menus and toolbars, but there isn't an obvious place to relocate the scripts menu wholesale.
Other suggestions are appreciated. Our plugins are quite small, so the hope is that our contribution to startup times would be negligible, but we will check to make sure.

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Interesting.  I see that Buckminster and Monkey still contribute a top-level menu for every perspective, with only a few items.  There must be a better place for you to place your actions, don't you think? For example, in the case of Eclipse Monkey, have you considered using the New or Import wizard infrastructure?

Also, for those who register early startup runnables: Why do you have to do this eagerly?  You are causing unnecessary long startup times.


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