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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Fw: [platform-releng-dev] request for M5 rebuild


I wonder if these late breaking issues that require a respin of the
platform (or other dependencies) could be prevented?   In my personal
effort to not be the one "blamed" for this year's M5a---yes, that's right,
the messenger is perhaps not blamed but is certainly so closely  associated
with the problem that it will appear that  way---I had installed a pre-M5
integration build (I20070207) to confirm that from an EMF point of view, M5
would be in good shape.  Even though all looked great, bugzilla to creep in as
part of the fix for I picked up this
integration build (i.e., two days before the milestone).  This problem
results in the IDE turning to the Error log view whenever we create an new
EMF project, i.e., pretty much every EMF demo leads to this.  Fortunately
there's a preference setting that disables the check and
prevents the logged exception, so there was no need to ask for a respin of
M5a, but it was a very close call, and would have resulted in undesirable
attention for the third year in a row.  (So woo hoo, M5a is not my fault
this year!)

Jokes aside, there is a good reason that the messenger is typically partly
to blame because I get the impression that most groups simply don't try the
integration builds at all, and if act, don't even do "test" builds to
confirm that the pre-milestone integration builds are in minimally good
shape from their project's point of view, i.e., that your project compiles
with it and that the JUnit tests pass.  Consider how many groups had to
scramble to deal with the startup.jar issue at the last minute even though
the issue has been waiting to bite them for weeks?  I'm sure many teams are
just as strapped for time and resource as the EMF team making it a
challenge to ask developers to pick up an integration build and manually
test with it, but it should be clear that it's in each of our own project's
best interests to ensure that the M5 build, which is so important for
demonstration purposes at EclipseCon, ends up being a solid one for which
our project works well.  So while we are all clearly responsible for our
own project being in good shape, we also bear some responsibility for
ensuring that the closure of all our dependencies is also in good shape.
If we don't intend to ask for a respin when we find problems in our
dependencies, it's fine to sit back and wait for a milestone, but when we
expect that problems we find will result in us asking for respins, I would
suggest that we should do just a little bit more, especially for the
EclipseCon milestone...

Ed Merks/Toronto/IBM@IBMCA
mailto: merks@xxxxxxxxxx
905-413-3265  (t/l 969)

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Build  I20070221-1750 failed, and a fix has been released to address this.
A rebuild will be delayed however while the Platform UI team considers a
separate request to fix:


 Tod Creasey/Ottawa/IBM@IBMCA                                              
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Platform UA has requested a rebuild of 3.3 M5 to deal with Bug 17444:
FormColors broken in 3.3 M5 ( M5 has a UI forms
colour constant (IFormColors.TB_GBG) for which it returns a null Color.
This causes the project explorer to become unresponsive when using tabbed
properties.  It can also cause problems in other code that uses this color.

For your Europa M5 verification you should install on top of build
I20070221-1750 which should be promoted to M5a once the fix for Bug 174441
is verified.

Apologies for this late change.

Tod and Boris
Platform UI Team

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                                                         M5 rebuild        

The UA team is requesting a rebuild of M5 to address a problem in Forms
that is seriously impacting other eclipse projects. The bug is:

Bug 174441 FormColors broken in 3.3 M5

The map files have been updated for the branch and we are ready for the
rebuild. We sincerely apologize to the victims and their families for this

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