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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Re: [] Callisto staging site ready for go-no go decisions by Callisto projects

I was going to say "yes", but just so you know, it appears the "staging" bits have not been moved/copied to the 'callisto/releases' area,
nor the new site.xml entries merged in with the old site.xml.

So, I assume Bjorn is still planning to finish this up, but even once done,
the bits have not been mirrored, for callisto/releases, though I assume they have for the project zips, and for each individual update site,
which are the most important ones.

So, there is still some risk of "log jam", if mirrors are busy pulling, at same time
users are busy trying to download. And, if I recall, many mirrors operate overnight?
So, even if done now, would not have widely mirrored until tomorrow?

My guess is this would all still be ok, as long as there was a diligent webmaster keeping his eye
on the site and ready to take corrective action if needed. :)

I'm not sure what else we can do ... since I doubt anyone would wants to slip the schedule,
especially if the project sites are all done and ready to go (as they are probably where main load
comes from).

So, my advice is the re-enable, but wait until this afternoon to announce anything, just in case
we have to back-pedal and take some corrective actions.

Denis Roy <denis.roy@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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02/16/2007 08:27 AM

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Cross project issues <cross-project-issues-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Re: []        Callisto staging site ready for go-no go decisions by Callisto projects

Am I still clear to unlock in ... 30 minutes (9:00AM ET)?

Bjorn Freeman-Benson wrote:

Callisto people,
Rich tested the staging site and discovered that it didn't work:

Richard Gronback wrote:

I’d say we have some problems.  First, the categories seem screwed up (see attachment – what happened to Models and Model Development category?).  Second, selecting GMF and then “Select Required” results in an error, including something about not finding a TPTP element.
I was able to duplicate this problem and more, and tried and tried to fix it, and eventually discovered two things:
1.        I hadn't configured the David-o-matic properly to generate the site.xml file. Then I did so but the problem persisted.
2.        I believe the locked download server is preventing me from getting the latest bits, i.e., I'm always fetching the old bits even though new bits are available. So I copied the staging site to my local dev machine and, sure enough, the bits work just fine. Rich's problems are solved and I am able to load the various Callisto projects.

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