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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Cannot install Birt using theEuropaUpdate site

Feel free to update the org.eclipse.europa.updatesite/WebContent/site.xml to include the additional DTP features. Once you have done that, I will re-build Europa and, ta da, the new features will appear in the live Europa location. (Each Europa project is responsible for their features-{project}.xml, listing their features-{project}.xml in the updateMirrorAll.xml file, and placing their features in the correct categories using the org.eclipse.europa.updatesite/WebContent/site.xml.)

- Bjorn

jograham@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
The site.xml on the staging area matches what we expect for DTP, but
site.xml on the "live" Europa location ( ) is different. There
are a number of DTP features missing:


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