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RE: [cross-project-issues-dev] Platform 3.2.2?

So I have new bits for Callisto Winter Maintenance (CDT 3.1.2). The servers are so bagged right now, I haven’t been able to test the update site jars. But they should work, trust me J… The features-cdt.xml has been updated.


Doug Schaefer, QNX Software Systems
Eclipse CDT Project Lead, Tools PMC Member

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I'm going to test-run the build this weekend and then again whenever people submit new content. If you want to do it on Feb 12th, I'll run it on the 12th. I'm easy. It's all supposed to be bug fixes only so it *should* all work the first time.

- Bjorn

Kim Moir wrote:

I thought the earlier messages from Bjorn were with respect to building Europa 3.3M4 but perhaps I am mistaken.  Bjorn, when are we expected to submit our content for the Callisto winter maintenance, is it still Feb 12 as on the schedule?

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