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[cross-project-issues-dev] Clarification on EE specification in practice

I just wanted a sanity check with other Europa projects. I first thought the answer to this was obvious.
Now I'm wondering if I could have been mistaken (as often is the case :)
or if it's ambiguous for others.

I've been assuming that if one of our bundles requires a bundle that requires J2SE 1.5 EE, then
we should also mark our bundle as requiring J2SE 1.5. (Even though, all by itelf, it doesn't).
That is, spec'ing what we really need to run correctly, taking pre-reqs into account.

Then, today, someone asked "why" ...  if the required bundle was 'optional', it wouldn't. But even if not optional,
at runtiime, things still won't run (for our bundle), and will simply be a longer chain of log messages (that one of it's
required bundles wasn't available ... and it woudl be logged as not available since a sufficient EE wasn't being used).
So in this case, we'd be spec'ing what our own specific code needed, not considering pre-reqs.

So ... just thought I'd ask ... anyone have a clear answer to this ... am I correct and "its obvious" or have I oversimplified.
I especially want to be sure we are consistent in Europa.

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