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[cross-project-issues-dev] TPTP update site is ready for europa M4

The TPTP update site for europa M4 contribution is now ready and tptp-features.xml is udpated.  

Among the features in the tptp-features.xml, all of them go under the "Testing and Performance" category, except the batik.pdf feature, which is part of the "enabling features" category.  (We had the batik.pdf feature back in Callisto.) The JMX feature is a new third party feature.  My intension was to put it under the "enabling features" category too.  David Williams sent an email to this mailing list suggesting the "enabling features" category to go away and include the common features in existing project features.  If that's the way to go, I don't mind if the JMX feature to be under the "Enabling features" category or the "Testing and Performance" category in M4.

Hubert Leung
IBM Toronto Lab

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