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[cross-project-issues-dev] Re: [tptp-pmc] Re: EMF usage in TPTP 4.4.0

I believe you have it correct Bjorn. The concern is that given that many of the higher level tools (TPTP, WTP, BIRT) use EMF, the "reduced functionality" may be rather significant. It seems that with  a common component like EMF requiring 5 the majority of configurations above base JDT will require 5. This can make the out of the box experience for a default 1.4 user problematic.

This situation may be ok for some, but for TPTP we have many common component that are consumed in a 1.4 environment outside a Europa/Eclipse configuration. We have resolved our build problems triggered by this set of issues, so a Europa 1.5 environment will work fine, but it will prevent our further exploitation of EMF, and is adding to our build and test/support work with questionable value to our consumers.

Marking the dependancy a plug-in has is a basic good idea and should be done. I am simply speculating if we have reached a point where the 1.4 environment is the exception rather than a common norm, while it appeared to be the reverse in the Callisto time frame. If this is so, then just as with other API kind of issues we all need to carefully talk to our downstream consumers to understand impacts of such changes. Saying Europa will run on 1.4 with some handled exceptions looks to be a significant understatement.

Thanks for your time.
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[tptp-pmc] Re: EMF usage in TPTP 4.4.0

TPTP PMC, (cc for FYI to Europa leads)
While reading the TPTP PMC mailing list, I encountered
this statement:
I think Europa should declare the JRE level that's required to run it otherwise most of the components might not work (not sure if they can be installed either when Java 1.4 is used).

One of the requirements for participation in Europa is #8 on the wiki list:
   8. All plug-ins must correctly list their required JVM versions in the manifest/plugin.xml.

As I understand it, plug-ins for JVM 5 will not load when a JVM 1.4 is being used, as long as the manifests are correct. Thus the Europa distro will run on both JVM 5 and JVM 1.4 (although perhaps with reduced functionality on 1.4 because fewer plug-ins will load). Does this solve the issue or am I missing something?

- Bjorn
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