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[cross-project-issues-dev] Enabling Features for Europa?

Anyone still need those?

I'd assume so, at least for M4, but the long term thought is to replace these with "the Orbit way" of doing 3rd party bundles.
Namely, to have the consuming feature actually 'include' the required 3rd party bundle, and it would just be "pre-built" by
the orbit project. Presumably everyone in Europa would have 'included' the exact same version, so it would not be re-downloaded
by update manager, nor would there be multiple copies on the users install.

But, we're not there yet, so for M4 I have updated the WTP provided enabling features. Only qualifiers have changed, but there was
a tweak in the xerces file that is important --- just incase anyone (else) needs them.
Our three common ones are


And, Bjorn, I did create a new "feature-wtp-enabling.xml" file in Europa build-tools to encode where to "find" those 3 features.

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