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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Europa M4

Kim and everyone else,
The platform's M4 build is scheduled to be released Friday December 15.

Given the schedule below for Europa below, my understanding is that teams should be submitting update jars to Europa starting with M4.  Is this correct?

I have three questions regarding submitting content to Europa
1.  When are we expected to provide our M4 update jars to Europa?
I'm planning to use David's tools from last year to gather and unify all the Europa update jars/contributions into a single Europa update site. So the "providing" consists of making the jars available on your project-specific website and then updating your project's features-X.xml in the :extssh:<your-committer-id-goes-here> / directory. (Kim's file is features-ep.xml)
We're waiting for Denis to create the directories so those files are not there yet, but they will be mirrors of the equivalent Callisto ones. I decided to leave the Callisto files as is so that we can create the winter Callisto maintenance release.
2.  Is there is a new location for the scripts that will be used to update the Europa update site with the feature ids?
Mostly the same, just the change from *.callisto.* to *.europa.*
3.  Is there a url for the Europa update site that we can include in our feature.xmls for M4?
It will be (see).

I'll be running tests of David's tooling next week (before the +0 date). I will update the wiki pages as I learn more about David's tools - please bear with me as it will take me a bit of time to become even half the release engineer that David is/was.

- Bjorn

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