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RE: [cross-project-issues-dev] Degraded respons times from

Here is my 2c for addressing wiki performance if possible.  Editiing is a bit scary and reading is slow enough that I now hesitate to put frequently used info there because it takes too long to access.  This sort of defeats the purpose of having a wiki.


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12/01/2006 07:21 AM

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RE: [cross-project-issues-dev] Degraded respons times from

I don’t have a problem with login taking long time per se (it is just once in a while you have to wait), but wiki is intermittently very slow – esp. when saving edits. I can’t say I have found a pattern in its behavior (hour of day, day of week etc.) except that it has gotten worse. The speed is so bad, and it is quite scary when saves take long time (you start to distrust the system, and feel you need to make a copy before saving if it crashes etc.). For me it has gone as far as I am editing at another wiki first. Naturally a lot of time is wasted. It would be very good if something could be done about the wiki performance.
Also have problem with Bugzilla being incredibly slow.
- henrik
>Mike Milinkovich wrote:
>>That being said, the Wiki has, for some unknown reason, started to lag by about 30 seconds when you access it for the first
>>time... There's a caching issue that I don't yet understand, but I'll open a bug for it as it's annoying.

>Can Thomas and Doug comment on this? Are *your* wiki usage problems just on
>first access or all the time?

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