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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Versioning tools for download and evaluation (Eclipse Build Workshop)

The map files in HEAD don't have the the recommended syntax because they are written using the syntax of map files pre-3.2 (syntax which always assumed CVS as a repo).
The reading of the new and old syntaxes is dealt by the same code. The difference can be done because PDE knows which repository it can deal with (CVS is the key of the repo extension). In case where the repoTag found is not among the one pde knows about, it is assumed to be CVS and the parsing of the rest of the line is delegated to the CVS handler.


Ps: the code is in FetchScriptGenerator in pde build.

Thomas Hallgren <thomas@xxxxxxx>
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11/30/2006 02:18 AM

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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Versioning tools for download and        evaluation (Eclipse Build Workshop)

Pascal Rapicault wrote:
> The generation of qualifier is not bound to cvs. It is obtained from
> the "tag" found in the map file associated with the entry being built
> (the map file has supports for multiple repositories - see
> IFetchFactory and the associated extension point).
I'm looking at the map files under org.eclipse.releng/maps (cvs head of A typical entry looks like this:


It seems to me all entries lack the repository identifier. According to
the docs that says:

 <elementType>@<elementID> = CVS, <TAG>, <CVSROOT>[,<PASSWORD>[,<PATH>[,<CVSPASSFILE>]]]

I would have expected entries like:


Given that the number of commas is somewhat arbitrary, how can you
differentiate the tag from the repository identifier?

Thomas Hallgren

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