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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] CVS commit conventions / bestpractices/ free benefits


Clearly I need to step up to the latest version of Mylar. I wasn't aware of the newer customization options. Thanks for the education! ;-)

Perhaps adding "/(B|b)ug[\ \#]+\d{5,6}/" when parsing cvs commits in Search CVS would be useful, as it's another "standard" being used pretty consistently out there (including the fact that bugzilla itself sees "bug 123456" in a comment and turns it into a link).

As to providing more/less detail in commits, either with or without the use of Mylar, as long as some consistency is applied cross-project integration and tool development will be easier - or, more accurately, *adoption* of those tools will be easier.

Extra information is redundant only in terms of what *needs* to be in CVS (vs. what's already in Bugzilla), but if people are using Mylar for workflow management as you mention below (rather than just to facilitate commits and filtering massive workspaces for context, as I do), then as you point out it's quite handy to provide it. I'm just not convinced that *everyone* will want to adopt that extra overhead, and so for them, there's the simpler approach of:

[${ }] ${task.description}
${task.url} ${task.description}

In other words, for everyone's differing needs, there's still a consistent solution.


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