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[cross-project-issues-dev] RSS Feeds And The Projects What Use 'Em

Hey, everyone, it's your resident RSS geek here.

Two reasons for this email:

1) I'd like a show of hands from everyone who's publishing and/or watching
feeds, to see how things are progressing and to assess the impact of a
schema change (see #2, below). If you're watching feeds, I'd like to know
if you're using the code I've provided in releng.basebuilder, rolling your
own, or manually watching feeds with some rss reader/aggregator like
Akregrator, RSSOwl, Google Reader, Mozilla Thunderbird, or whatever.

[ ] Publishing Feed(s)
      URL(s) of published feed(s) on ________

[ ] Watching Feed(s)
       Feeds(s) watched (list projects or URLs): _________
       Tool used to watch: ___________

2) I'm thinking of revising the schema due to a suggestion from Hubert
regarding usability. He pointed out that using <build branch="2.2.2"/> is
sort of odd when what would make more sense is <build version="2.2.2"/>. In
addition, I have an optional attribute, <build
cvsbranch="R2_2_maintenance"/>, which could also be renamed to allow for
non-CVS projects (eg., folks using subversion) to participate without being

To that end, I'm proposing changing the schema and feed generation tools to
support this syntax instead:

      <build version="2.2.2" branch="R2_2_maintenance"/>

This will mean you'll have to update your feed publishing scripts (and if
anyone is watching these properties, they'll have to update their feed
watch scripts too).

If anyone has any objections to this change (or want to vote for this
change to happen), please comment in bug


Nick Boldt :: Software Developer, IBM Toronto Lab
Eclipse Modeling Framework ::
905/413/4308 (t/l 969) :: codeslave@xxxxxxxxxx

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