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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Versioning tools for download and evaluation (Eclipse Build Workshop)

Hi Kim,
I think I partly misunderstood. Thanks for the pointers and explanation. That cleared things up a bit.

Kim Moir wrote:

Hi Thomas

I think there is a bit of confusion. My understanding from the workshop was that the versioning tools we discussed verify that a current build adheres to the versioning numbering guidelines
but do not perform the automatic versioning of a build.

There are two separate issues issues with versioning in a build
1) Cvs tagging of projects to be included in a build - Currrently for the platform team, this is performed by the developers themselves using the releng tool (See Developers on our team specify the cvs tag of a project that they want to submit to an integration build by using the releng tool to update the cvs tag of their project in the org.eclipse.releng project in /cvsroot/eclipse. See These cvs tags in turn are used to generate the qualifiers for the plugin and feature by PDE Build. See This approach ensures that new jars are only copied to an update site when there is actually new content, not with every integration build. Our build process rtags the map file project with the buildId to capture what was submitted to a build. For example, see Other teams may have other approaches to this issue depending on their build environment.

I understand. What I'm looking for has to be a bit more generic since CVS is only one of the repositories that we support. I'll have a look at the qualifier generation in the PDE build to figure out what parts I can reuse. What I envision is a tool that, based on the timestamp of the last modified file in a repository for some feature or plugin, would help me automate the task of generating the correct qualifier for that component and also, within some scope (say, a top level feature) also would assist in updating the referring features. Pointers to code that does something close to that are of course very welcome.

Kind Regards,
Thomas Hallgren

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