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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Callisto maintenance release

Hi Denis

I've opened a bug against platform update regarding this issue.

There's proposed work surrounding update manager for 3.3 -  see the plan and the bug associated with the Components theme.


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10/02/2006 08:05 AM

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[cross-project-issues-dev] Callisto maintenance release


Just in case anyone has been keeping track, our bandwidth has been
saturated since the Callisto maintenance release. My initial suspicion
is that many people don't bother to pick a mirror site in the Eclipse
Update Manager because the Main site is selected by default.

I ran some numbers off the Apache logs of a server this morning:
Total hits to download/ in the last 7 hours: 501,475
Total hits where the user agent is "Java/1.": 480,911
Total hits where "zip" is in the URL: 4725

This means 96% of the traffic to download/ is coming
from Eclipse UM, whereas very few ZIP files are downloaded from the main

I'll most likely add some rewrite rules to intercept direct requests for
JAR files and redirect them to download.php so that a nearby mirror can
serve them. This has worked well in the past.

I know multiple bugs/enhancements are open for the UM, but for future
releases, is it possible to list the Main site last, as we do it on the
web pages?  The mirrors list is already sorted best->worst from a
client's perspective by looking up, on-the-fly, each client's location
on the planet.




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