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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Re: Europa Build Workshop Report - RSS Feeds

> New code and schema for RSS publishing and watching are in CVS. Please
> review it, and per the dates set forth at the Europa Build Workshop,
> provide any comments or feedback before Oct 13, after which point the
> schema will be considered "mostly" frozen.
> php/Europa_Build_Workshop_Report#RSS_Action_Items
> basebuilder/plugins/
> Thanks!

Thanks Nick ... but, wwhhaaaaatt?  :)
I spent 30 or so minutes clicking around going from wiki document to cvs raw repository listing to bugzilla,
and ... you know how slow I am ... I could not really find what I was looking for, and could not get a sense of
what the "big picture" was.

One thing I was looking for was one of those evolving design documents, similar to,
my favorite example,

Its always helpful to have a central document that describes the problem that's attempting to be solved, the
proposed solution, how the solution evolves, and, even, holes in the solution, or cases not handled,
and finally the detailed "how to" acheive the solution (for both providers to achieve, and
clients to achieve).

Another thing I couldn't find was a description of the "types" of builds. ... I'm pretty sure I saw
somewhere that "Nightly", "Integration", "Milestone", etc., were recently added to some schema, but could
not find that in my 30 minute search.

The reason I was looking for the definitions of "types" was that I suspect the whole notion "continuous" vs.
"declared" is not included, (and, I think it'd have to be, for our WTP builds, at least, to convey their proper meaning).

So, apologies if I just missed it in my 30 minute search, but ... I'm hoping even that too is useful feedback for you?

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