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[cross-project-issues-dev] Agenda for Planning Council meeting, Esslingen, October 11

Planning Council Members and anyone else interested in being part of the Europa Simultaneous Release,
The Planning Council meeting in Esslingen on October 11th is rapidly approaching. We'll be meeting in the Sitzungsz room starting at 9:30am on Wednesday, October 11th. This is after the keynote by Mike Milinkovich. All the details about the Summit are on the website:

Agenda items:
  • Proposal to make the mailing list archives open to the public. Currently there is no archive and thus our conversations are not open and transparent. Thus we are not "walking the walk" of open source principles. Our minutes are open, but our conversations are not. I think they should be.
  • Project planning for Europa:
    • Rules for Europa (see the wiki page for candidates suggested by various people)
    • Milestone dates of (see the wiki page for potential dates)
  • Project planning for the second Callisto Maintenance Release - when? schedule?
  • Planning calls
    • Fridays at 8am PT, 11am ET, 5pm CET or Thursdays at 11am PT, 2pm ET, 8pm CET are compromise times but neither are good for Europeans. There is no perfect non-conflict time, but I hope we can rearrange our schedules to make something work.
    • And we will select which weeks to have the calls so that we can all write them on our calendars.
  • Understand the Board resolution:
    RESOLVED, that the Board directs Management to ensure that each 
    Eclipse project's website:
       a.       conforms to common user interface and navigation guidelines 
                to make user navigation of our project sites less difficult; and
       b.      must comply with the Incubator branding for all projects in incubation.
  • Any discussion you might want to have about the potential new Development Process
I am open to other agenda items.

- Bjorn

P.S. If you are unable to attend the Esslingen Planning Council meeting AND you want to be part of the Europa Simultaneous Release, please (a) let me know before the meeting and (b) update the wiki page with your comments on these issues. Thanks.

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