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[cross-project-issues-dev] one test site ready

There is a testUpdate Site ready for early testing. I know everyone is not
done yet, but it might be worth giving a quick look to see if its as
you expected. As it is at. I just saw one small red x on some tptp plugin.
(in configuration manger, indicating a missing plugin, but did not investigate at all).

So far, there is _only_ new stuff there ... perhaps over the weekend,
I will start include both old and new, to see how update manager treats
all that!

Here's some interesting stats, so far:

For plugins

3 new plugins!
6 plugins with 'minor' version increases
316 service version increase
46 qualifier increases only
248 No Version Change

For features:

72 service version increase
11 qualifier changed
32 no change

No major mistakes ... but, seems if there's a plugin with a minor field increase, some containing feature should too.

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