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RE: [cross-project-issues-dev] Everyone ready for Fall MaintenanceRelease of Callisto?

We’ll upload BIRT build <20060919-0630> to our update site and update feature-birt.xml today. It is not the final build, but it will be good for testing the update site.




Sue Lee


Actuate Corporation - Shanghai R&D Center

Phone: (86)21-58826388

Email: slee@xxxxxxxxxxx


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Subject: [cross-project-issues-dev] Everyone ready for Fall MaintenanceRelease of Callisto?


I assume not completely ready, but ... close?

Close enough to update your callisto features-xxx files?

Please update them as soon as you can, and, it doesn't have to
be guarenteed to be the final version ... I just want to generate some
test update sites with close to done versions.

Besure to adjust the URL of where to get them from, if needed, but
otherwise just update to the latest feature versions for your maintenance release.
(I think GEF is the only one that does not have to? What a solid piece of code they are!)

Please post your status here if "done" or when you expect you can update the
files with your final versions.


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