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[cross-project-issues-dev] Suggested Dates of Europa Milestones

I know everyone is still planning, and working on their dates, content, etc., but, I'll post here some dates that we in WTP are tentatively assuming will be
approximately correct.  I post these there to highlight some of the "trouble spots" and ask if anyone has suggestions, issues, etc.

The "trouble spots" are around the end of year, since many are out on holidays .. it'd be best to finish a Europa milestone before the holidays,
but the Base's proposed schedule crunches from the other direction.

The other "odd spot" is after those holiday's up to Eclipse Con. We want a Europa milestone right before, but then I'm not sure when the
initial base contribution should be ... seems a long milestone for them ... and you know, they have their patterns :)

So, again, this is just to get the discussion started. I'm sure it will be "tweaked" over time, but some of us like to have a little better
idea in mind, as we make plans.


= = = = =

Europa 1 (b+2w)

.      Base:  Thursday Aug. 10, 2006
       WTP    Thursday Aug. 24, 2006
Europa 2  (b+2w)
..     Base:  Friday Sep. 22, 2006
       WTP    Friday Oct. 6,  2006
Europa 3   (b+2w)

..     Base:  Friday Nov. 3, 2006
       WTP    Friday Nov.17, 2006
Europa 4   (b+1w)

.      Base:  Friday Dec. 15, 2006
       WTP    Friday Dec. 20, 2006
Europa 5  (b+1w)

       Base:  Friday Feb.,16, 2007  (And, don't forget, there will be a 5a here a few days later :).
       WTP    Friday Feb. 23, 2007  (EclipseCon is 3/5)
Europa 6  (b+5d)

       Base:  Sunday, April 1, 2007 (what can I say .. its another tradition :)
       WTP    Friday April 6, 2007

Europa EndGame  

              Friday May 18, 2007
Europa Release  

              June 29, 2007

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