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[cross-project-issues-dev] GMF corrupted on some mirrors?

I think some of the mirrors got a corrupted jar file for GMF, could you check it out? Upon trying to install the full Callisto I got the following error, reproducable, from two different mirrors:

Problem Occurred
Unable to complete action for feature "Graphical Modeling Framework (Callisto Edition)" due to errors.
  The File "C:\DOCUME~1\sasebb\LOCALS~1\Temp\eclipse\.update\1151951125329\1151951125339\eclipse18438.tmp" is not a valid JAR file. [error in opening zip file]
  The File "C:\DOCUME~1\sasebb\LOCALS~1\Temp\eclipse\.update\1151951125329\1151951125339\eclipse18438.tmp" is not a valid JAR file. [error in opening zip file]

The two mirrors I tried were:
   Georgia Tech. Software Library (http)
   SAS Institute Inc. (http) [internal mirror for SAS employees]

When I switched the mirror to:
   Eclipse Foundation Callisto Mirror 2 (http) [I can't remember if it was mirror 1 or 2]

then it downloaded and installed GMF with no problem.

I was about to open a bugzilla for this but noticed there was already one open:

(they were using the SWITCH mirror in Switzerland)

It's kind of annoying because when GMF fails to install, everything after it is thrown out too, so you have to re-download a bunch of stuff. Also if you have the Preferences > Install/Update > Automatically select mirrors option turned on (like I did), and the automatic mirror is bad, you have to turn the option off and manually select a mirror to make it work.

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