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[cross-project-issues-dev] Callisto Status and Reminder of THE DAY

Thanks for the note Xiaoying Gu. With these from BIRT, I believe we have all the bits for the update site.
My mirroring script completed without errors or warnings, and I was able to use Update Manger to
"test" the staging area. I was able to "select all" and it all installed!

So, that leaves today.

According to the schedule, the main upload activity will start about 10 ... that's not a hard hour as far
as I know, so if Denis would like, and gets into work early enough, he may want to start a little earlier,
And, I suppose, there could be some last minute issue that would cause it to be a little delayed.
so keep your eye on cross-project-issues-dev for the notice that "its ok to upload"

Thanks once again.

Thursday 6/29
10:00 EDT
1.        Denis disables replication
2.        gives the OK to upload on cross-project mailing list
3.        advises all committers that is frozen
10:05 to 14:00
1.        teams push builds in, projects to advise on cross-project list when upload is complete

This Includes:

  • upload/copy/rsync zip files.
  • update their own 'released' update sites.
  • Callisto "staging" copied to "releases"


10 e-mails to cross-project list confirm build/update copy is done, (Eclipse Project is largest, 4 hours is typical, so exact time may vary)


Denis sends mail to eclipse-mirrors requesting a manual sync, ask for torrents from ibiblio


  • wait overnight, see if mirrors get the files
  • projects should prepare final web pages, announcements, press releases, etc.

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06/28/2006 10:49 PM

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[cross-project-issues-dev] BIRT RC6 is ready

BIRT 2.1 RC6 is ready and features-birt.xml has been updated.
Best Regards,
Xiaoying Gu
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