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RE: [cross-project-issues-dev] are we doing the "Callisto Time Warp"?

Maybe I can help out here, especially since I was responsible for putting out the press release today.  First let me assure you, you are not in a time warp.  The date for availability is still June 30th and today is June 26th.  J


The timing of the press release was done to maximize the press coverage of Callisto.  Typically, you try to issue press releases early in the week because that is when the editors are putting together their print editions and when most of the on-line stories are published.   I tried to be careful with the wording to balance the fact that the release date is not until Friday.


On Friday we do plan to put a news item on the home page indicating that Callisto is now available for download.







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Anyone else notice the top item in the Eclipse News section of the main web page?




“The Eclipse Foundation today announced the release of 10 Eclipse open source projects.”


At least there’s not a *link* to the download yet, but… isn’t this jumping the gun a bit? The countdown timer still correctly shows the “In 4 Days” proclamation of a *future* release.


This makes me a bit nervous… someone tells me this is the correct way to advertise (in advance) Callisto if I’m being overly cautious!



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