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[cross-project-issues-dev] Server Infrastructure Update

Yesterday I ran a Callisto preflight on our infrastructure (RC1 in your language) by disabling all our public mirrors. This allowed us to discover a weakness in out setup that prevented us from using all our available bandwidth. At 185 Mbps, our site was slow, and so were downloads.

After some tweaking, I ran the test again this morning (RC2 ;), reaching a peak of 213 Mbps with plenty of room to spare. Our site was totally unaffected by the sudden surge in clients, and all clients were handled well. The limiting factor here was demand - not enough people were on-hand to saturate our available bandwidth (even by disabling redirects to internal IBM mirrors).

On the IT front, we're ready.

As a side note, this experiment allowed us to discover that, without public mirror sites, the Foundation would need to spend an extra quarter of a million dollars in bandwidth each year.



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