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[cross-project-issues-dev] I could not mirror TPTP, so "staging" is slightly delayed. I suspect we'll have it straight by noonish. (eastern)

Hubert, I could not mirror/copy the TPTP featues.

I was getting "file not found" errors for files that really look like they are there.
Such as

Then I noticed one thing missing ....


The fix/problem is that this time, in your site.xml files, you have
<site url=""
but, that should be
<site url="">4.2milestones"

Or, as you have in the past, leave out that URL .. .then, the default is to use relative to where it finds the site.xml file, which
is almost always the right place.

(I tried to fix, but, since I don't have write access to your tptp directories, ... sort of stuck.



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