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[cross-project-issues-dev] Callisto RC2 Status and things to do for Monday

Just wanted to send a reminder of our "blow by blow" schedule ...

GMF will be "dropping" soon, and EMF is planning an RC2a.
Note .. I am assuming these changes in EMF are all perfectly binary compatible and
no one should have to re-compile -- if that's not the case, be sure to speak up quick, since that
would imply a delay in schedule, which is probably not worth it, if I understand the
bugs correctly. But otherwise, they do sound like important bugs, and very isolated.

Other than that minor open question,
we are on schedule to "announce" next Tuesday.
All previous issues seem to have been resolved (thanks again, John).
I'll spend a bit of time these weekend to (re) update the staging area, maybe update some
instructions, etc., but will start the "mirrors churning" sometime over the weekend.

And .. the reason for his note .. all projects should have someone install "fresh"
from update manager's "staging" discover site on Monday, and make sure there's
nothing immediately embarrassingly wrong. We don't need a formal "go/no" note here,
but, if anyone does see any major problems, don't just assume everyone else already knows
about it :) but ask here and/or suggest corrective action, if needed.

And, in case you've lost the links :)

Much thanks everyone.

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