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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] DTP ready for RC2

Well, this is an example of me being too clever and changing deployment
scripts midstream during the RC2 build process... It was working on the DTP
update site (really, it was... ;-)  ), but then at the end a later version
of the feature defs were injected, and hence the error you saw.

The best way for me to make sure this is fixed is to clean the DTP update
site and make sure that the right plug-ins and features are there. I'll let
the list know when I have confirmed this.

John Graham
Eclipse Data Tools Platform PMC Chair
Staff Software Engineer, Sybase, Inc.

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John, can you please double check?

I get an error about
not being found.

the "finfo" looks like a typo in one of your feature.xml files?

in the feature
in org.eclipse.datatools.connectivity.feature_0.9.0.200605021 ?

I post this here to this mailing, instead of a bugzilla, to remind everyone

that its a good idea to "test" your own update sites,
before contributing to Callisto, since
I get this error even if I go directly to your update site at

There does seem to be 3 datatools.connectivity.feature_0.9.0.200605021
listed at that site ... I'm assuming that's a site.xml error?
Or is there something amiss with your versioning scheme and there's some
"bad" earlier versions at that site?


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The DTP 0.9RC2 build is now available. I have updated the Callisto feature
definition for the new versions.

John Graham
Eclipse Data Tools Platform PMC Chair
Staff Software Engineer, Sybase, Inc.

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