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RE: [cross-project-issues-dev] Best practices on versioning

In GMF, we use forceContextQualifer on all builds due to some difficulty we initially faced in executing unit tests after switching to qualifiers.  We will be shifting over to the "right way" for Integration and Stable builds asap, so that the UM can be more efficient and only download jars that actually change from build to build, as indicated by the map files (and as David points out).
Sorry for being a bad citizen, but happy to take some heat off EMF ;-)
- Rich

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Subject: [cross-project-issues-dev] Best practices on versioning

I thought I'd post this here, for a "wider" education (either mine or others :)

I've noticed one project (EMF) that appears to version all their features and all their plugins, in the 4th place qualifier field,
to match the date and time of their builds. On the one hand, this is nice to tell what goes-with-what in directory lists, but its counter to
"best practices" on feature and plugin versioning, right?  Shouldn't features and plugin versions (and qualifiers) change only when the
code really changes? Perhaps EMF really does change each and every one of their features and plugins each build ...
nah, I'm sure they don't do that. So .. is this a long term plan? Just a short term tactic?

I thought I'd ask here, publically, in case there is a reason for this I'm not aware of ... so we can all be educated.
The problem this strategy poses is that with something like update manager, it means users/developers might end up (re) installing code that
hasn't really changed. So .. sure EMF is a tiny project :) ... but, I hope this doesn't become widespread practice, or the new
versioning rules won't accomplish as much as it could. For one documented scheme on versioning rules see
We in WTP are attempting to following this too.
Do other projects have other, different schemes?

And, I hope well known, I don't mean to "pick" on EMF .. I have not really looked at many others projects schemes, but just noticed
EMF's practice, and thought I'd ask here in the interest of  development in the open.

Thanks in advance for any clarifications.

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