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RE: [cross-project-issues-dev] Callisto quality

These are good points, and I'm sure that everyone's very happy to hear that bugs are being raised for all of the issues.
If it's OK with everyone, I would like to suggest that we get Nathan Gervais involved to clean up the content and look and feel of the Callisto Discover Site page.
Specifically, I am thinking that it would be nice if:
  1. The page set user expectations about the level of integration and the amount of work left (e.g. set expectations down a bit)
  2. The page pointed everyone to the Callisto Bug Hunt contest and asked that they make every effort to help us out by sending in great bugs.
  3. The page had a standard look and feel.
  4. The page actually used the Callisto graphic.
Is everyone OK with that? How about we ask Nate to do a mock-up and send it around?

Yes, I have been entering bugs for the issues I have seen.  Perhaps the issue here is more about managing expectations.  The announcement on the main page says "Eclipse Callisto RC1 is available".  I think the broader community seeing this announcement may get the mistaken impression (as I did) that this is in fact a release candidate.  If they take the time to download it and very basic tire kicking doesn't work or creates many errors, it may turn people off from trying it further.  I didn't mean to light any fires, I'm sure there is still plenty of time to get things in shape for the release.

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