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[cross-project-issues-dev] Please check "staging" today

Contributors to Callisto:

Please check that the versions that have made it into the RC1a Update Staging area are correct.

I have, actually, already coped the jars to the /releases directories so the mirror system can
start its heavy lifting ... but, I have not put the site.xml file there, so only "old" ones will be obviously

On Tuesday morning, unless anyone reports a gross error, I'll move the site.xml file there also,
and we (Ian?) will "announce" it ready for early testing.


Oh, and those of you who did not produce an RC1 specific build, I would request that you not do so
now (that will make for confusing labels). To the extent possible, the build labels should now be labeled
based on the RCn of Callisto they are planned for, not the version they are built on. This is, admittedly,
my personal style and preference, but it will be much easier if we all have a somewhat consistent, and
predictable naming scheme.


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