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[cross-project-issues-dev] Status of RC1 progress

A. Schedules and Announcements

Kim, yes, thanks for the reminder .... we do need an explicit 24 hour time period before announcing availability to allow mirrors to catch up.

And (in the interest of improving our planing as we iterate and learn how to plan) this is such a hard and obvious requirement we should add one day to our
RC "end dates" ... for nothing but that mirroring (this is not a buffer to change things, but, teams could use it to continue testing, to at least know in advance of
any big problems or find workarounds).

And, when our current "end dates" are on Fridays, I suggest our new public, published "end dates" would be +1 end  to Monday's. And, since
"due dates" often mean "late in the day on that due-date"  I propose the announcement be +1 to the end date (but could be in the mornings :)

In my mind, this is just codifying "what everybody knew", or "how things happen to be working out in practice" ... but, obviously, not everyone does know it,
so, hope this would help get the write dates written down. for others plans.

And, while on paper this looks like "a big change" it does not change "the chain of availability" to each other or to adopters ... just codifies the importance of the
mirror process before "updates" announced and adds a little buffer to hold back Ian's enthusiasm. :)

So, this is what it would look like this week, as an example ... and, I think even with this being a "confusing" week, I think this is still achievable.

RC1 (25-Apr)
  • 14-Apr - Platform
  • 19-Apr - CDT, DTP, EMF, GEF, VE
  • 21-Apr - BIRT, GMF, TPTP, WTP
  • 24-Apr. Update site verified and mirrored
  • 25-Apr. Announced available to community for early testing

Sound reasonable?
So, Ian, can you just remove link now? And announce next Tuesday?
(Or, you could change it to say "coming soon", and explaining to look back Tuesday).

B. How to track status?

Several have commented that we need a "summary" status page ... the mailing list is nice, but
since I have no memory :)  it is nice to have a summary table. I suggest we have one near
and if no one else does, I'll likely create one late today.

C. Staging site updated

The staging site should now be up-to-date except for BIRT, GMF, and WTP ... which I would expect all to be available late today.
I'd ask if at all possible tor teams to verify the staging area as soon as possible. I'll plan on copying to releases area over the weekend,
Sunday night at the latest, so the 24 hour mirror period can get started as early as possible -- that's one of these times that's an absolute
minimum ... .the longer "mirror time" the better.

Thanks all

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