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[cross-project-issues-dev] Callisto RC1 experience

The home page says Callisto RC1 is "now available", so I click on the link which goes to:

There's nothing immediately visible on that first page about downloading, except the "Downloads" link at the top, which goes to the standard download page (and the most prominent link there is Eclipse SDK 3.1.2). I know that's not right so I keep looking.

I scroll down the Callisto page about halfway and find "Downloading and Using The Callisto Simultaneous Release". It says:

	The complete installation instructions are at the Callisto Update Discovery page.

I click on that link and it says:

	"This update site provides the features of the Callisto Release -- currently the M6 version.
	 It requires that you have at least the Eclipse 3.2 Platform Feature installed (the M6 version).

	For example, to start with minimum foot-print, you can use the Platform Runtime Binary appropriate for  your operating system."

The link it gives for the Platform Runtime is .

Well I know that's not right so I go to the standard download page, select All versions, select 3.2RC1, ignore all the stuff at the top, scroll down halfway and find the section on Platform Runtime Binary, and select the link for the Windows platform (

Firefox asks me if I want to save it or open it. I know I should not overwrite my previous Eclipse install so I save it, rename my old version of Eclipse out of the way, locate the new zip again in my downloads directory, right-drag it to C:\Program Files, and select Extract to here (because I happen to have WinZip installed). It creates an eclipse directory.

I start Eclipse, get some errors about unable to restore workbench (I know this is ok because I was editing some Java programs before). Now I'm pretty much staring at a blank screen (not exactly blank but it says Java perspective, no icon, no editors, and has a blank stack of views at the bottom with Search, Console, and Progress).

Well I happen to know that I should do Help > Software Updates > Find and Install, select Search for new features to install, click Next, select Callisto Discovery Site, and click Finish. The window goes away for a while but I notice a progress counter in the bottom right of the window. Then I get a dialog that says:

	No features found on the selected site(s). Choose a different site or site category.

It says it twice for good measure (once in the title and once in the body), and has an OK button, which I press. Now I'm back to my blank screen.

Now at this point I know I can go try some other discovery url or go back and just get the 3.2RC1 SDK monster download, but how are normal users going to "know" all the stuff that I know?

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