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[cross-project-issues-dev] "Callisto Edition" features

For what it’s worth to others, in order to package GMF with EMFT components into a single feature, I created a special “Callisto Edition” feature for GMF.


In it, I included our runtime plugins, tooling plugins, tutorial cheat sheet plugin, ecore editor plugin, and the required EMFT features we depend on.  I know we were initially shooting to install just our runtimes, with SDKs following later… but this seems like a perfect “starter package” for GMF, as the runtime will not be much use by itself.


To “upgrade” to the full SDK (docs, sources, etc.), I think it’s perfectly reasonable to have users return to the GMF update site (now listed in your Callisto install) and select the SDK (or another component).  The update manager is smart enough to only get those features/plugins it needs, which is nice (I tested this last night).






Richard C. Gronback

Borland Software Corporation


+1 860 227 9215


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