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RE: [cross-project-issues-dev] Reduce number of TPTP features

If this is still “open to discussion”, there are a couple of alternatives. First, the WTP dependency is only for 2 of the original 28 sub-projects, as I recall. Putting those 2 in a 5th item removes the dependency on that rather large project, and as we’ve seen from some of the confusion about “JBoss and Jonas configuration” in TPTP, there are web users and non-web users. This would serve the non-web users better.


Less significant to me, but along the same lines, I recall that there are 4 of the original 28 that are BIRT dependencies. Put those into a 6th set, and that dependency goes away as well unless desired by the user.


I hate to bring this up, because I certainly appreciate Hubert’s effort in this area. And, of course, this *particular* partitioning may already be decided by my project management, in which case… never mind. J





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David Williams opened bug 130695 to reduce the number of TPTP features by creating a top level feature for each TPTP sub-project.  Since TPTP M5 has been declared, these new features can't really get into the M5 build.  The TPTP PMC meeting on Tuesday decided that if these top level feature are important for Callisto, I should create them and include them in the Callisto update site, and include them in future milesone releases.  So  I have created these 4 top level features (by hand) and tested them successfully.  

Now the features are ready to be integrated with the update site.  After a quick chat with David, he asked me to notify cross project mailing list of the impact and what changes are required, and he will decide whether it's appropriate to make the change this milestaone depending on the impact.  

With these 4 top level features, the number of TPTP feature is reduced from 28 to 4. With this coarse grouping of features, useres cannot choose to install a subset of a TPTP project.  The mandatory set of dependency for TPTP will become Eclipse Platform, EMF, XSD, Java EMF Model, GEF, BIRT and WTP.  In terms of changes required for the update site, the 4 feature jar files have to be copied to the site features directory, and change the site.xml to add the "feature" and "archive" declarations for the new features, and remove the "feature" declarations for all fine grained features.  

The feature jar files are avaiable at /home/data/httpd/  File names are:

Attached is the screenshot of the update manager with the 4 new TPTP features:

Hubert Leung
IBM Toronto Lab

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