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Successes [RE: [cross-project-issues-dev] Notes and screenshots of install problems]

After several days of failures (and subsequent whining), I thought I should share some success.


Inside our firewall (Sri succeeded outside; we hadn’t seen an “inside success”) I tried Eclipse Tools on my Windows box using the OSU mirror… success. Yeehaw.


Giddy with that first success, I tried TPTP (minus the server stuff, but with BIRT to resolve other needs) on my Windows box while going for everything on my Linux box (greedy, aren’t I?). Failures on both accounts. (I should mention that the Linux “CoreExceptions” ARE gone.) I tried just BIRT on Windows on box while trying to duplicate the Eclipse Tools success on Linux… Windows failed on BIRT, but Linux succeeded on Eclipse Tools.


I tried Eclipse Technology (GMF) on Windows, and was successful there as well (no problems that Doug or Pascal saw… not sure if Doug’s “touch” was the key or not), so I’m trying to duplicate the experience on Linux.


It’s just so good to actually see more successes than failures that I thought I’d share. Looks like the “mirror hypothesis” was correct… it just takes time for the bits to make it to the various corners of our world. J


Thanks to those who’ve worked hard to get this all pulled together!





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Just to add to the mayhem, I think I’m seeing two separate problems.


  1. The random failures when using The infamous 403’s.
  2. A consistent failure using the OSU mirror. An infamous 404 on…..


It looks like OSU missed a file. I’ll try a touch on it and see if it kicks a resync there.


Doug Schaefer, QNX Software Systems

Eclipse CDT Project Lead,


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I'm being invisibly rerouted to an IBM mirror. Tonight I will try from home and from a Mac box to make it more fun :-)

Bjorn Freeman-Benson <bjorn.freeman-benson@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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03/07/2006 06:50 PM

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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Notes and screenshots of        install        problems




Are you (invisibly) using some internal IBM mirror to update from, perhaps?  What if you went to a Starbucks with a laptop and tried it from outside the firewall?  Just a theory...

Since yesterday I have successfully installed all the projects from callisto several times.

Today I encountered a few errors (mostly time and missing files) but nothing too weird.

It is unforntunate that you guys have the errors and I don't as I'm looking at fixing some those bugs...

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