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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Callisto staging Update Site readyfortesting ... sort of

That's clearly our long term goal, but not something we can commit to for Callisto in late June.

One of the great things about Eclipse projects is that the projects make commitments that they can and do keep. Regular, predictable, promised delivery. So while everyone wants what you're proposing here, we cannot commit to it for Callisto.  Be assured that nobody is trying to prevent this, but it is about what we can promise versus what we can strive for.

- Bjorn
If it's just about "the reconsumption of the eclipse stack for tool vendors" then what do we need an update site for? Tool vendors can deal with humongous zip files. Tool vendors can deal with weird version dependencies. I thought the main idea of an update site was to improve the experience for end users.
So how about option 3:
- Have one update site, make the integration good, get good reviews, *and* do synchronized updates ala IDEA and NetBeans. (I know it's more than an IDE but having it be a super IDE gets it in the door for the other things).

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