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RE: [cross-project-issues-dev] Notes and screenshots of install problems



My experiences look a lot like yours (but yours are much better documented, and I started from eclipse-SDK rather than platform) on Windows, if you drop the “This worked” in your notes… even the Tools group failed to update… in fact, I have yet to get *anything* to update via the Update site (releases or staging).


It’s worse on Linux… there I get CoreExceptions to the screen for a number of files not accessible, and I get numerous dialog boxes complaining about inaccessibility of the site.xml file. That’s with callisto/releases… earlier today with callisto/staging, it looked (again) like your notes, except for the addition of the CoreExceptions on the launching terminal and the lack of anything working.




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I made some notes and screenshots about the install problems I've been having and attached them to David's bug:

Who else has succeeded or not with the Callisto installation from the update site?

- Bjorn

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