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[cross-project-issues-dev] Re: cross-project-issues-dev Digest, Vol 2, Issue 15


Re: examples:

For EMFT, examples are included in the SDKs. Until EMFT gets copied over to
the site, you can get it here:

For EMF, they're separate, and would have to be added to the Callisto site,
but can in the meantime be gotten here:

I can't speak to the other teams' site URLs, however.



Re: dir permissions:

I agree. If EMF/EMFT teams (for example) had write access to the staging
area, we could automatically post our jars and XML into that folder at the
same time we publish 'em to our own sites. If the Callisto admin(s) want to
prevent collisions w/ multiple people writing to site.xml at the same time,
I'd be happy to create site-emf.xml and site-emft.xml, which could then be
quickly merged at a later date into the main site.xml file by someone with
write access.

Even better would be if the site.xml could simply reference additional
sites (I don't know if this is supported, though). If it were possible, the
need to duplicate content and merge site*.xml files would disappear
completely and the Callisto update site would really just be a set of links
to the individual projects' pre-existing UM sites.

Or, even simpler... since 3.2M5a comes with a link to Callisto's main UM
site built in, couldn't we just load up several UM sites, and let people
check a few boxes instead of just the one? Assuming we still only have
support for ONE Update URL per project, the others could be Discovery URLs,
which work the same way anyway, as I vaguely recall. ;-)


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