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RE: [cross-project-issues-dev] Callisto staging Update Site ready fortesting ... sort of



GMF depends on EMFT OCL, Query, Validation, and Transaction components (M5a of each), which can be gotten from here: http://download.eclipse.org/technology/emft/updates/site-interim.xml


The EMFT team should have representation on this list and be on board with Callisto (officially).  I thought they were, anyway.





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Subject: [cross-project-issues-dev] Callisto staging Update Site ready fortesting ... sort of


The good news: there is an update site to point to


I personally install (test) starting with only a minimum "Platform Runtime Binary" (30 meg zip).
Then you have to "manuall" define the remote update site using the URL of

But, bad news is, either I've gotten mixed up on some EMF M5 versions, or ... that was so long ago for them :)  they've deleted some of the jars already!?
(If the latter, perhaps we haven't been clear, or perhaps we all have all not agreed, that the project supplied update sites need to "stick around" .... just like their zipped milestone downloads would).

So, for that, I've create bug
130505  M5 Update pre-reqs seem gone?

But, if you just install EMF from somewhere else, you can make more progress and run into more interesing problems.

the most interesting is

130497 Callisto update site says "can't find jdt.apt" while installing CDT
(A packaging issue? Or a new JRE version issue?)

Next most interesting

130502  no capabiliites if just "runtimes" installed

And, least interesting ...

130506 gmf update needs org.eclipse.emf.ocl_1.0.0.jar

Well, this latter may indicate a planning hole in the Technolodgy Project Chain of Callisto ... which, I guess
some would find the MOST interesting!

I'm sure there's many many more waiting for you to find.

I have (tried) go give all committers write access to that staging directory ... so, if any of you can fix any of the above problems,
(e.g. if I just missed a copy of some jar) ... then feel free ... but, please, keep us all informed by a post here.

We'll improve write/update process as we go.