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[cross-project-issues-dev] Re: Callsito M5 is missing GEF and VE - where's the commitment to participate?

I was not aware that an update site (or weekly meetings) was part of the Callisto Agreement.  Anyway, we now have an update site in place.  The M5 release of GEF was available for download on the agreed upon date, which is amazing considering we moved our build process, multi-platform unit testing, and performance testing to a different site.

Steve Shaw is the new Project Lead for GEF.  He is responsible for all deliverables, and for representing the GEF team to the Community,, and the Tool PMC.  He has also been added as a GEF committer. Please contact Steve Shaw if you need additional commitments from the GEF team, such as attending a weekly status call.

Sorry for the slow response.  Somehow I got magically unsubscribed from the mailing list any my first reply bounced.

-Randy Hudson

Bjorn Freeman-Benson <bjorn.freeman-benson@xxxxxxxxxxx>

03/01/2006 02:03 AM

John Duimovich <John_Duimovich@xxxxxxxxxx>, djo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Randy Hudson/Raleigh/IBM@IBMUS
"" <>, cross-project-issues-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx, John Kellerman/Raleigh/IBM@IBMUS
Callsito M5 is missing GEF and VE - where's the commitment to participate?

<Warning>I'm done being the nice guy; I'm tired of some project leads saying they want to be part of Callisto but then not actually participating in the "Callsito community".</Warning>

Dave, Randy, John,
The Callisto M5 milestone schedule (that we all agreed to), had GEF and VE being available (the milestone complete and ready to go on the update sites) on 24-Feb.  Today is 28-Feb 11pm PST and neither of your milestones are available on the Callisto staging update site.  Are you planning on being full members of Callisto?  Perhaps you don't like the requirement to be part of the update site? If so, you should speak up rather than just ignoring our collective decisions. At the very least, you should be telling the rest of the Callisto team that you are having troubles meeting the requirements - saying nothing is really not an option here.

In the last Callisto conference calls you said you were on track/status green (
here and here) - what happened? Did "status green" not include actually producing an update site?

John, Randy,
Neither of you have attended a single one of the Callisto conference calls.  Nor have you bothered to provide your regrets - you've just plain been missing.  You're on the mailing lists. You know
the schedule.  So what's the story? Too important to participate?  It certainly isn't showing much community participation if you can't even be bother to tell us that you're not going to call in...

- Bjorn

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