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[cross-project-issues-dev] Unable to install BIRT in the Callisto M5 using the Update Manager

Has anyone else seen this problem?

David, Wenfeng,
After manually installed GEF and VE because they are not in the update site, I am able to install all the Callisto projects (to date) via the Update Manager EXCEPT for BIRT.  I get this error:

And this error in the error log: Server returned HTTP response code: "403 Forbidden" for URL:
at org.eclipse.update.internal.core.UpdateManagerUtils.checkConnectionResult(
at org.eclipse.update.core.ContentReference.getInputSize(
at org.eclipse.update.core.FeatureContentProvider.asLocalReference(
at org.eclipse.update.internal.core.FeaturePackagedContentProvider.getPluginEntryArchiveReferences(
at org.eclipse.update.internal.operations.UpdateUtils.downloadFeatureContent(
at org.eclipse.update.internal.ui.wizards.InstallWizard2.access$3(
at org.eclipse.update.internal.ui.wizards.InstallWizard2$

Has anybody else tried this? Been successful? Had trouble?
- Bjorn

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