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[cosmos-dev] Individual log files vs. a single Master log file

Title: Individual log files vs. a single Master log file


        Currently we have individual log files for each COSMOS component. What is the advantage of individual log files compared to having a single master log file for all COSMOS components?

        After seeing 6 different log files in the current build, Im thinking that I would prefer a single master COSMOS log file. My reasons are:

1.      Usability: Its simpler for support to request a single log file and the user to send a single log file (rather than obtaining individual log files).

2.      Integration: a single log file works better with management tools that view log files. Most of these management tools have a filtering capability so one can easily extract the messages from a single component, if required.

3.      Practicality: a master log file preserves the chronological sequence of related messages from multiple components. For example, to trace a DM registration with the Broker, a support person would currently need to look at the DM log for the request and the Broker log for the result (and match up the timestamps). A master log would show the request and result together chronologically.