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[cosmos-dev] COSMOS Architecture questions...


Hubert / All,

I am trying to capture your Architecture updates in the attached two slide PPT.  I need this for the documentation ERs as well…  In slide 1, I am trying to capture the COSMOS 1.0, i.e. current state….  Some questions:

1.    Since the Domain / Broker are now merged, how should we represent this?

2.    Should we call the Broker a “Data Broker”?

3.    What do we do in regards to the WSDM EPR’s?  Obviously, they need to go for now; do we need to replace them with something?  I assume this depends on Hubert’s changes.

4.    Do you still agree with the Data Adapter & Data Manager split?  The Data Manager is the COSMOS “bridge” component; whereas the Data Adapter is the component that houses the product-specific business rules that apply to the data.  The idea is to convey that the Data Manager does not communicate to a product store directly…


Don / Mark / All,

Through some of the early adopter discussion, the topic of our future state Architecture came up… In slide 2, I am trying to capture the post COSMOS 1.0, i.e. future state….  Some questions:

1.    Please confirm that the Domain will return.

2.    Will we support multiple instances of a given type of Broker?

3.    Will we support different types of Brokers?

4.    Will WSDM return?  If so, will we address EACH Broker via its own EPR?

Please correct / update as appropriate, as this is purely my own SWAG at what things could look like in future.



Jimmy Mohsin

Cell   +1-609-635-1703


P.S. Please note that several of my documentation ER’s require these answers…


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