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Re: [cosmos-dev] REVIEW REQUESTED TODAY: Code Cutoff for Weekly Integration Builds

Hi Tania,

On a related topic, can we discuss the details for the iteration build in the next Community call, please? We discussed some of what's needed for the iteration build in the last Summit call but some details were not fleshed out. I'd like to summarize my expectation of what RE is being asked to do and close on the details so that everyone is clear on what's happening. I've filled in the details based a little bit on what happened in TPTP and I expect that there will be some debate and we'll need to finalize this in the next Community call.

Declaring an integration driver
        * During the last week of development in the iteration, all code check-ins stop once the candidate weekly integration driver is built.
        * RE announces the candidate weekly integration driver but CVS is not yet open for new code. COSMOS is in shut-down mode. The JUnits will be run on the candidate weekly driver, the results posted to cosmos-dev, and the results reviewed in the Architecture call as usual.
        * During shut-down mode, if a developer wants to check in any changes for the candidate iteration build, that developer must request permission from the Leads (Project, Architecture) before those changes are checked in.
        * The developer sends the request for permission to the cosmos-mgmt mailing list. This request identifies the changes to be checked in, why they can't be deferred to a future iteration, and the risk of the change. (Where "risk" means "what could be broken if we allow this change?".)
        * A Lead allows or defers the changes and cc RE so that RE can track the list of bugzillas allowed in. RE maintains a wiki site with a cumulative list of the bugzilla numbers and details provided by the developers.
        * On Friday morning at 9:00 AM, RE sends that list of bugzillas and files changed to cosmos-dev and anyone affected by any of the changes checked in during shut-down mode runs the JUnits that test just the affected code. (Don't know if it's possible to separate the JUnits like that, but that's the ideal to reduce the amount of time needed for testing.) Any problems found are fixed ASAP.
        * On Monday at 9:00 AM, someone from RE will send a post to cosmos-dev identifying the official integration driver to be used for the testing and stating that CVS is now open.

The reason we moved the code cutoff is so that we would have two days to identify and fix major problems before turning the build over to QA without working through the weekend.  Requiring approval for check-ins would give us time to make sure the build is stable and give a small amount of flexibility to check in last-minute code.


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[cosmos-dev] REVIEW REQUESTED TODAY: Code Cutoff for Weekly        Integration Builds


Please review the process changes related to code cutoff for the weekly integration builds below and respond with comments or a +1 if you are in agreement by EOD today.  

Weekly Integration Builds