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RE: [cosmos-dev] Globalization considerations for the COSMOS DC

As Valentina pointed out, the code is expected to be internationalized with external strings to permit localization but it is not necessary to provide translations of these strings for specific locales.  If you intend to ship localized versions of your products that incorporate Eclipse components, the community would appreciate your donation of the translations of the strings that are associated with Eclipse components.  Of course, what you do with your own "value added" application code is an internal matter.
The multi-language situation isn't much of an issue for user interface components (Java or browser-based) because each user can configure their own preferred locale.  When the database needs to store strings that are entered and displayed in a variety of languages, the information can stored as UTF8 strings.  You could have cases where some users might not be able to view some of the stored information because their preferred language doesn't support the proper characters.  Web browsers deal with this fairly effectively, but that doesn't really help very much.  I don't find it very useful when I see a properly rendered page covered with symbols that I don't understand.

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Subject: [cosmos-dev] Globalization considerations for the COSMOS DC

Hi Valentina,


Yes, I did mean globalization support…..  And my question was more so from the perspective of the Management Domain / Broker / other non-corporate components.


Stated another way, what are the implementation implications for the non-corporate components? Is it as simple as isolating all messages/labels such that multiple languages may be supported further down the line?  Or is there more to it than that?


Another convoluted slant on the situation is this: what about a single COSMOS DC based solution supporting a MUTLI-country deployment at a SINGLE enterprise customer site?  In that case, do we say this is up to the corporate implementation to deal with?



Jimmy Mohsin


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I assume that by localization you are referring to the need for providing globalization support  ( the ability to run the tool in other languages and using non-ASCI characters as input for data )

If this is the question than yes, Eclipse expects that projects are making sure they are ready to offer such support, assuming resources are made available to enable the code for different languages. That implies that for Eclipse plugins, all messages and labels are stored into .properties file

For code that can run outside of the Eclipse workspace, globalization also has to be considered when the code is implemented. Scripts for example may be required to be translated in other languages, as well as documentation and readme files.

Thank you,
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[cosmos-dev] Localization considerations for the COSMOS DC,        are there any?




Are there / should there be any localization considerations for the COSMOS DC?  Or is this a topic for the respective corporate implementations?
Jimmy Mohsin
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