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Re: [config-dev] Technical goals summary

I agree this is a very common and important use case: However, I imagine this will be implemented some time after an initial Jakarta Config release.

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On Aug 16, 2021, at 8:14 AM, grin@xxxxxxxx wrote:

Hi Dmitry,

Is it planned to allow variables whose values are given by Config, in XML deployment files or annotations? For example use ${password) in a @DatasourceDefinition?

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Le 16/08/2021 à 13:11, Dmitry Kornilov a écrit :



We made a huge progress at the meeting and finished discussing technical goals. I went through all meeting minutes and created a summary. Before making it official I would like all committers to review it to make sure that I didn’t forget anything.


Jakarta Config technical goals


  • Programmatic API allowing configuring and using configurations at runtime
  • Annotations based API allowing compile time configuration 
  • Meta-config
    • Ability to configure everything programmatically and in an externalized way. 
    • It’s a nice-to-have feature.
  • Support for converters
    • In future we will evaluate switch to using Converters specifications when it’s defined
  • Objects mapping must be supported
    • We need to think more about the technical solution
    • We may restrict mappings to interfaces only
    • We must respect java visibility rules (don’t allow writing to private fields)
  • CDI integration
    • CDI integration must be provided but it should be optional. There must be the ability to use Config API without hard dependency on CDI.
  • Allow empty strings and null as values
    • It must be allowed to use both empty strings and nulls as config values
    • There must be an ability to delete a key in a higher level configuration source
  • Jakarta Config must be designed for adoption by other Jakarta EE/MicroProfile specifications including CDI
  • Support for different configuration profiles (dev, test, prod, etc.)
  • Config sources SPI - layered config sources
    • Agreed this SPI is needed
    • We will decide whether to provide parsers to support different format of properties (yaml, properties, json, etc)
  • Support of mutable and immutable configuration sources. It also includes support of configuration sources with unknown/undefined number of properties
    • Mutable configuration sources have some performance drawbacks and complexities
    • We may support only immutable configuration in version 1.0 or we design a model allowing dealing with mutable configuration minimizing (eliminating) drawbacks
  • Support for flat and hierarchical configuration sources
    • Both flat and hierarchical configuration sources must be supported. Rules for converting between tree and flat structures must be defined by the spec.
    • We haven’t decided what representation should be used as a “native” structure of configuration.
  • Provide built-in config source types such as yaml, json, properties
  • Variable replacements, config expressions
  • OSGi
    • Only in manifest, no annotations, etc.




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