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Re: [config-dev] Jakarta EE Roles and Jakarta Config

I have added some comments and in general think we need to define which use cases need to be standardized. The application component developer role is too narrow if other specifications are also looking to adopt a configuration spec in place of existing xml and/or product specification configuration mechanisms.

On Jul 23, 2021 at 1:23:17 PM, Laird Nelson <ljnelson@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hello; my apologies for the delay. I was planning for a vacation and simply dropped this.

Here is a document written in deliberately abstract terms describing the configuration-related use cases by Jakarta EE Platform role that I could come up with to satisfy my action item from the meeting on July 15.

The main implication is that the application component developer use cases can (and should IMHO) be standardized apart from the other use cases.

I will miss the next meeting but should be able to attend the August 5 meeting.

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